Science In A Tree
Climb a Tree and Learn Cool Science

Science In A Tree

Welcome to Science in a Tree! We are a nonprofit educational mission founded by two friends who are passionate about working with kids and challenging them to explore the great outdoors. We specialize in a unique combination of recreational tree climbing, outdoor adventure learning, and experiential science education.

Our motto is simple: Climb a Tree and Learn Cool Science! Contact us anytime to setup a tree-climbing program at your school or arrange a fieldtrip to one of our facilities in the St. Louis area.

The Science in a Tree program provides a unique opportunity to generate exciting buzz about your school. Doing science experiments from a tree is an unforgettable experience for the students and a picture-perfect moment for their parents. It's also an attention-grabbing headline throughout the local community.

For example, we recently did a 5-day climbing program at St. Raphael the Archangel, where the students were studying seed dispersal. The event was covered live by Fox 2's Lisa Hart on their morning news show. It was truly a special event for everyone and thank you Principal Kim Vangel for giving us this amazing quote on live TV: "This is perfect! Who wouldn't want to do a science experiment from a tree?"

If the video above doesn't work then click here for the video on Fox 2's site.

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>> Program Summary: Introduction and examples of previous events.
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>> Lesson Topics: Summary of current science activities and upcoming topics.
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>> Climbing Safety: Climbing a tree is safer & easier than you might think.