Science In A Tree
Climb a Tree and Learn Cool Science

Climbing Safety

Is climbing a tree really a safe thing for kids to do?

Absolutely! The safety of the kids is our #1 priority at Science in a Tree. All of the setup and climbing activities are done under the direction of Guy Mott, who is a certified Climbing Instructor and an expert in setting up climbing programs & training kids in the proper climbing techniques. Guy is also a certified Arborist and everything starts with a thorough analysis of the health & safety of the tree. Rest assured the kids will be safely harnessed in at all times! Contrary to feeling unsafe, we have actually found that the vast majority of people feel very calm and relaxed when hanging out in the tree.

Is it hard to climb a tree? What if the kids get tired along the way?

Rope climbing is great exercise. It is low impact and comparable in intensity to walking up several flights of stairs. While it does take a lot of energy to raise your weight up to 50 feet, an important science principle says you can achieve this goal by doing small amounts of work over an extended period of time. And that is how our climbing gear is setup for the kids to operate.

Using our super-safe rope & harness system, the kids climb the tree in a series of small steps, moving at their own pace throughout. They are firmly buckled in at all times and climb only as high as they are comfortable with. If the kids get tired along the way or want to take a break, all they do is lean back & relax while enjoying the surrounding views of nature. And when they are ready to continue the journey upward, they just grab the rope and start climbing again.

Does every kid have to climb the tree?

We do encourage everyone to at least try climbing the tree. It's an extremely rewarding experience. Making it up into the canopy comes with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that is hard to describe. And if someone changes their mind mid-climb, we can bring them back to the ground very quickly. However, if some of the kids are unable or unwilling to climb the tree for any reason (extreme fear of heights, forgotten permission slips, health concerns, etc.) they will still learn a lot and have fun helping on the ground. There are plenty of activities the science group is working on and the Science in a Tree crew can always use a helping hand.

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