Science In A Tree
Climb a Tree and Learn Cool Science
Meet the Team

Who runs the Science in a Tree program?

If you've ever wondered what would happen when you mix a master tree climber and a science teacher together, you have finally found your answer. Welcome to Science in a Tree! We are two friends from St. Louis who formed a nonprofit mission for kids dedicated to outdoor adventure learning & experiential science education. Our goal is to reach as many students as possible with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to climb a tree and explore nature from high above.
Guy Mott, Adventure Educator, 508-243-5957

Guy is our adventure specialist and tree expert. He is a master tree climber, experiential educator, and certified arborist. Guy has a Masters of Education in Adventure Learning and is a certified climbing instructor with the Global Organization of Tree Climbers. He runs a business called Adventure Tree that has done myriad climbing programs with kids at local schools and camp events. Guy is passionate about outdoor adventure learning and expanding kids' access to nature. He travels across the country to train people and help other organizations establish their own climbing programs.
Dean Eckhoff, Science Teacher, 314-504-8558

Dean is our education specialist and science expert. He has a PhD in Physics and 12 years of classroom & laboratory teaching experience. Dean recently left Webster University to start a business called Show-Me Science that specializes in experiential math & science education for kids in the St. Louis area. He is passionate about hands-on learning and enjoys the challenge of bringing high-tech science topics to a level kids can appreciate.

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